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Who is RAW graphics?

I am a mom. I am a wife. I am Rose. (RAW is just my initials and the way I prefer to shoot). I grew up sneaking into the darkroom in the back of my house as a kid to develop “my” film (really my dad’s). I grew up in a house filled with art, film, and photography. Watching my dad walk out the door with his camera bag, or come home with his film canisters full ready to be processed. We would watch all of his photos he captured on a slideshow in the living room. All of my sisters and I would line up anxiously awaiting the next slide, and we were all so sad when the show would end and he wouldn’t start a new role for us to watch!

I continued through school chasing that drive that I was blessed with at birth. Mock weddings were a fond memory of high school that seems like ancient years ago now…only remaining a fogged memory of that crazy time of my life.

These memories are the core to RAW graphics. My dad that I grew up chasing and wanting to be so much like passed away; but not without leaving me with a lifetime of memories, and the drive to be as successful as he was in what he loved doing. My home is filled with both my art and his, and I constantly am searching for that location he never found to provide another client with those memories of their dad, like I have of mine.

I married into the military, and became a mom 3 times over. I have survived deployments, pre-teens, toddler years, even delivering my children while my husband was on foreign soil serving our country.
My family is crazy. My family is fun. My kids keep me flying by the seat of my pants most of the time. Sometimes I think they are little animals inside little kid bodies lacking only fur; although I’m sure once they read this they will find a way to add fur to themselves and tell me they are now animals…(insert my eyes crossing). We are spunky, fun, vivacious and out of control! We often resemble a circus we just don’t travel with the three rings!

My dad would agree with me on this one though: When life gives you a circus, you should take pictures while you are there!